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08/10/17 06:44 PM #35    


Bruce Sharer

Great photos of the 2017 reunion. Some day I would like to attend. My hesitation is not knowing folks there or them not remembering me since I only attended my freshman year at LFHS. I did go to Lake Bluff schools fro 5th through 8th grade. I recognized Bob White, Terry Trobec and Paul Finch from the photos. Last year I met up with Tod Stuessy in Columbus Ohio. Folks who I would live to see are: Viclie Carnerry - big crush; Keith Moldenhauer; Tom Dunkerton; Fred Gardner; Jim Roberts; Karen Cray; Larry Trezise; Jim Schweckle; Bernie McGovern; Louise Wolverton; Ginny Dangermond; Eddie Holstein; Robert Weisenbach; Ruthy Thorne-Thomson - cute; Terry Eiserman; Paul Frederick; Ira Cushing; John Barr; Neal Dickenson; Horace Cathcart;Bob Tucker. Not that I wouldn't want to see the rest, it is just that these are the kids I remember mostly from Lake Bluff. Unfortunately there are quite a few who we will never see again on earth. I should let you know that I was in Mr. O'Dair's homeroom. Best wishes to all Scouts.

03/24/18 02:11 PM #36    


Eileen Janowitz (Ward)



Hi Westcoasters!

Let's see how many of us would like to hold a reunion for our LFHS classmates - if there is interest, I would be happy to help coordinate it.



03/25/18 04:03 PM #37    

Sandy McDermand (Grimmer)


Hi West coast Scouts , I would love a reunion.  Sandy McDermand Grimmer in Pacific Grove, Monterey Peninsula 





04/26/18 10:29 AM #38    


Steven Spaner (Spaner)

Did any of the local, i.e. Chicago area, Alums know about this guy?  I suspect any LB resisdents' children would know about him.

Lawsuits allege school superintendent knew teacher Charles Ritz was
sexually inappropriate with children for over 10 years prior to Ritz’s resignation

Courageous survivor John Bollman to speak openly about
Ritz abuse and his efforts to get schools to act

10/01/18 05:04 PM #39    


Bruce Sharer

Hello All,

Did Joey Terhune who was in the lake Bluff school system ever attend LFHS? Does anyone remember him or know his contact information? Thanks.  --Bruce Sharer

12/18/19 02:33 PM #40    


Bruce Sharer

Found this on a google search re Louise Wolverton.

08/20/20 02:13 PM #41    

Chuck Hardy

SLT is a marvelous location for a west coast reunion...Being an hour away, I am more than happy to assist in anyway y'all would like.

08/20/20 02:28 PM #42    


Tom Dunkerton (Dunkerton)

Hi Bill , Laurie and I would love a Tahoe Reunion next year. We live in San Diego and would be happy to help in any way we can . Just keep us posted.

Thanks, Tom Dunkerton

08/21/20 10:51 AM #43    


Steven Spaner (Spaner)

Bill, Chuck and Tom:

If we ever we get a green light to travel again, I would like to join a LFHS reunion.  My preference, as submitted in a previous discussion, is SLT as it is more accessible by non-stop flights for us Easterners.  I have skied both locations in my days.  But haven't been on my skies for almost a decade.  My last trip to Snow Bird was in the summer and the altitude was a challenge for breathing.  Nevertheless, I love the clean freash air of the mountains no matter which mountains you select.  Had a family reunion/step-son birthday celebration in Estes Park 3-years ago and had a great time.

Steve Spaner

08/22/20 12:22 AM #44    

Sandy McDermand (Grimmer)

I sure hope we can get together next year.  Tahoe would be great.  Sandy 

08/25/20 01:05 AM #45    

Jennie Werhane (Schrage)

Out of the blue I got a call from Paul Finch.  We didn't actually speak but in a series of missed calls back and forth, I learned of the tentative (COVID-19 gone) plans for our 60th in Lake Tahoe. Sounds like fun. I'm sure going to try to be there.  I'm really out of the loop as I haven't checked the website often.  Hope  you all are well and safe, a challenge these days.  And thanks Paul for the heads up.  Jennie

08/25/20 11:14 AM #46    


Mary Maxwell (Thomas)

Boy that Finch kid really gets around!  Coincidentally, I got a call from him, too.  But he really hit the nail on the head when he said he bet Mary Maxwell already has her bags packed for Lake Tahoe.  It's one of my absolutely favorite places in all the world!  My son got married there.  It's like heaven on Earth and I highly recommend it as a wonderful place to visit.  I think we could have a spectacular reunion there!  Let me know what I can do to help!

08/25/20 11:42 AM #47    


Steven Spaner (Spaner)

Mary:  Actually, Heaven on Earth is in the Missouri Wine Country (

08/25/20 12:59 PM #48    


Karen Cray (Smith)

We would be very grateful to be added to the guest list for the Lake Tahoe Reunion! Could it possibly be 60 years!! We have just returned from a five-week very quiet and safe visit with friends in Michigan (Mackinac Island and Harbor Springs) and then drove around the lake to Geneva Illinois to stay with family for a week. Now returned to Florida and are self-quarantined for 14 days, but it was so very nice to get away. Would be happy to contact Florida folks about attending the reunion... Best to all, Karen (Cray) and Sam Smith



08/27/20 09:11 PM #49    


Eileen Janowitz (Ward)

Hi All - I think a Reunion next year at Tahoe is a great idea and I'm happy to help organize.  I'm suggesting right after Labor Day as Tahoe is crazy busy during the summer.  It will give us something to look forward to!



08/28/20 11:27 AM #50    


Karen Cray (Smith)

Great ideas, Eileen. September timing is wise and easier to travel that time of year.

Thanks and love, Karen

08/31/20 01:51 PM #51    


Kris Shoulberg (Brown)

Hi all! I wish I could commit to a reunion in Lake Tahoe next year! However, having quarantined for so long, if things open up we will hopefully be visiting our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, many of whom are in the Chicagoland area. So, maybe I'll be lucky enough to see some of you around Lake Forest at some point! Meantime, we are happily hunkering down full-time in Sarasota, FL. We would love a visit from any of you who might be traveling through or around here! Thinking of you all! Be safe! Cheers!

12/06/20 01:14 PM #52    

Sandy McDermand (Grimmer)

I am still interested in a Tahoe reunion.  We have a cruise booked in August, but before or after I could help. Sandy

02/09/21 04:38 PM #53    


Eileen Janowitz (Ward)



Does anyone have an email address from Margy Wessman?  I have been getting posts in Messenger and think it is a hack.



02/11/21 04:04 PM #54    


Bill Harrison (Harrison)

Good to hear from you Bill. 

I can definitely arrange a tour of LFHS assuming the Covid issue is resolved by then. I play golf each week with a couple of retired teachers, but we are so old that they started teaching after we graduated! Not many of our former teachers are still around. 

Thanks for reaching out to Norm Erickson. It would be great if you could the word out to other classmates. Not sure how many opportunities we will have to thank our former teachers and coaches. I'm still in touch will Bill Braman but don't know how many people remember him.

Let me know if things develop for a reunion this year.

Stay healthy.

Fred Jackson

02/11/21 04:11 PM #55    


Bill Harrison (Harrison)

Hi Bill,

Hello from Lake Forest. I'm not very computer savvy so I hope you get this.

First, thanks for all the work you have done on keeping the class of '61 together. I enjoy hearing about everyone.

Second, I'm asking a favor of you and our classmates who attended Deerpath School. I continue to correspond with Norm Erickson, our old gym teacher and coach. Norm lives in Grand Rapids, Minnesota which is still the home of his beloved Camp Mishawaka. His wife, Martha, passed away last year, but Norm seems to be doing ok. He has some problems with his legs but gets around with a wheelchair. Most importantly, his mind is still sharp. He writes long notes on his Christmas cards which I'm sure requires painful work. Difficult to read because of his handwriting, but heartwarming to receive. He sent me the entire scorebook of the 8th grade basketball team which I then sent to Tim Reichert. (By the way, your name was listed as scoring 2 points in one game.) None of us touched the ball because Dale Richter never shared it! My purpose in writing is to make a request of everyone. Norm turns 94 in February. He loves reading notes and cards. and I know would be very touched to hear from some of our classmates. Taking a few minutes to drop a hand written note would mean the world to him. Here is his address:

Norm Erickson

1614 Golf Course Road

Apt 129

Grand Rapids MN 55744-8670

Please pass the request on to our classmates.

Third, if our reunion is to be held in Lake Forest this year, I would be more than happy to work with the committee. As a board member of both the Friends of Lake Forest Parks and Recreation and the Lake Forest History Center, I have some connections to the community that may be of interest. For example, the "Friends" have sponsored a Fireworks and Festival each July 4th. This has come to be the largest community event in Lake Forest. We hold it at Deerpath Park with a Ravinia (remember that) type of setting. We bring in a headline band or group and finish the evening with fireworks over Onwentsia Golf Course. I can arrange for preferred tickets for our group. The Friends will also hold a Music concert in August. Just a suggestion..... In any case, I'm willing to help.

Lastly, thank you again for your work. We really appreciate everything you have done. Stay healthy.



02/12/21 05:32 PM #56    


Eileen Janowitz (Ward)

This message is to Mary Maxwell but happy to get an answer from anyone.  I tried the email that Mary gave me for Margy Wessman, but it bounced back  as undelivered.n

02/13/21 01:24 PM #57    


Susan Leonowitz (Adams)

Hi Fred,

I like all of your ideas for a reunion in LF. Your help would be so valuable in making it a success!


I am one who remembers Bill Bramen. He was one of my favorite teachers! It would be great to see

him again!






02/13/21 01:29 PM #58    


Susan Leonowitz (Adams)

Hi Eileen,

I have two addresses for Margy:       and

02/14/21 07:05 PM #59    


Kris Shoulberg (Brown)

I bet that's why Margy's email bounced. It's Mac instead of aol.

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