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01/27/22 05:18 PM #79    


Bill Harrison (Harrison)

You can send checks directly to me.  Any amount helps. I will need $500 by Feb 2023. As I said, this will keep the site funded for this year plus five more! YAY!

I am in the process of opening a local checking account where I can deposit and monitor the gifts. I'm keeping it simple.

Thanks so much!!

12060 S 217th St

Gretna, NE 68028

(Just for your information, we have 86 registered classmates for the site. 32 of them have signed on during the last 30 days. I figure that about 43 are really active. If half of them gave $25, we'd be covered.)

01/28/22 08:21 AM #80    


Bill Harrison (Harrison)

PayPal also

01/28/22 09:54 AM #81    


Mary Maxwell (Thomas)

Just sent something with PayPal.  It worked fine. Quick & efficient.  Thanks for your hard work & dedication, Bill!


01/28/22 01:04 PM #82    

John Barr (Barr)


Will get a check in the mail to you this week. John Barr



01/28/22 06:50 PM #83    


Steven Spaner


I know that this form of leadership is both gratifying for you and makes you feel like a selfless person. But, you do so much accommodation to users and maintenance of the site that this is not just altruism, it is work.

I built, maintain, and fund six websites as my contribution to the SNAP organization that I joined as a volunteer in 2003. I get to write those expenses off as donations (or used to, new tax law cut me off). I don’t know if you have been taking your time and website expense off on your taxes, but that does not excuse we users and classmates from paying our way.

I respond to every notification I get by going to the LFHS site and checking out the person or post in the notice. I would really miss this connection to my one and only HS (I was in 9 different schools before I entered LFHS as a freshman). I hope you have a contingency plan should you tire of or not be able to continue as webmaster / site administrtor. The show must go on ... at least until the last alum is no more.

Finally, based on your analysis and suggestion, my $25 check will be sent via my bank’s Bill Pay tonight. If the support response falls short, please let me / us know the shortfall, and I’ll kick in more.

Cheers, Steve

01/29/22 09:40 AM #84    


Terry McKinnon

A check is in the mail.  Thank you for doing this all these years.  Terry McKinnon


01/29/22 11:42 AM #85    


Bill Harrison (Harrison)

A big THANKS to everyone who contributed. I paid the $500 site subscription charge to keep the site for 5 more years. I have enough. No need to send any more.


02/14/22 05:18 PM #86    


Bill Harrison (Harrison)

Classmates, I just paid for five more years, thanks to all your generous donations! It really felt good to submit that payment because I know how much this website means to all of you. Also, I received many, many wonderful notes of thanks and updates from many of you. Thank you and God Bless!

P.S. I do have some money left over to help with any reunions that may come up!

04/09/22 04:59 PM #87    


Eileen Janowitz (Ward)



Hi All -  what do you think about a Reunion in Lake Forest  next year?  We could celebrate ourselves as we have graduated 60+ years ago (missed 60th because of the Pandemic) plus most of us will be having a BIG birthday.  I would be happy to help plan it from afar.






04/10/22 12:22 PM #88    


Kris Shoulberg (Brown)

My first reaction to Eileen’s suggestion of having a reunion in LF next year was something like, “Oh, I would love to, but I have trouble traveling, I have Parkinson’s’, I’m pushing 80, my balance is bad, etc……” So there it is!! My ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM! I am thinking that you all are just as old as I am (really!?!) and some of you have your own issues to deal with too!  So, I say, heck yeah!! We’re not getting any younger! We’re in this together, LF Class of 1961! Let’s do this! Count me in!

04/10/22 12:54 PM #89    


Susan Leonowitz (Adams)

I think a reunion in Lake Forest next year is a great idea!

04/10/22 09:58 PM #90    


Steven Spaner

Kris' reply was a sobering statement for me. I have a bumb right knee from a torn cartilage I earned in a senior year scrimage of the LFHS football team, but otherwise I am remakably healthy. I know from my daughters that my first wife is have aging issues, so I know that it is happening to us. I applaud Kris' attitude and buy-in against the challenges. This next birthday will mark a milestone for me in that I will have out lived my father by 10 years. 

I welcome the chance to see my first real school cohort. I am all in on a reunion next year and hopeful that I can forestall a knee replacement in the interim. I don't live as close as some classmates to LF, but St. Louis is close enough to help with some planning. I know Chicagoland pretty well after having a summer job during college years driving CTA buses, both gas and electric.

04/11/22 11:19 AM #91    


Bruce Sharer

I've been watching the folks here from afar since I joined, and occasionally have contributed a message. Over the years I have considered attending a reunion, but always seemed to have an excuse not to. One concern I have alway had about attending a reunion is whether I would know anyone there. Since I only went to LFHS my freshman year and since I lived it Lake Bluff from 1953 to 1958, I didn't get to know many Lake Foresters well. Also, quite a few of the Lake Bluffers I knew well have passed - Jerry Piepenbrock, Robbie Patelke, Joel Eiserman, Eddie Risty to name a few. I've been in touch with John Barr on the left coast and Todd Stussey in Ohio, but that is about it. In 1984, my wife and two boys drove by LFHS and through Lake Bluff on the way from Chcage to a family reunion on Wisconsin. That was the lat time I was in the area. But it would be neat to see the area again and the school. I might even recognize something or someone.

04/11/22 05:30 PM #92    


Sue Harrington (Francis)


I will certainly try to make it.  It is a bit a o hike from Hawaii, but I would love to be there.  So count me in!


04/11/22 05:57 PM #93    

Fred Jackson

Great idea. I’m willing to help with the committee.

04/12/22 09:05 AM #94    


Bill Harrison (Harrison)

Looks like we have solid interest in a 2023 reunion in Lake Forest! Next step: I was planning on sending an email to all registered classmates (about 85), asking who is interested, what time frames are best in 2023, and who would volunteer to be on the committee if we have one (Fred already volunteered. Thanks!). Eileen, if it's OK, I'll send it out from you and me. That way we can track the responses and I can post updates. Also, there is about $1,000 in our private account that can help, thanks to the recent donations from classmates. Good to hear from so many of you! Let's do this!

04/12/22 09:33 AM #95    


Kris Shoulberg (Brown)

I would be happy to help In whatever way I can from Florida! Maybe Zoom? Thanks Eileen and Bill for getting this going!

and......Bruce, don't worry! We'll ALL need name tags! Not many of us still look like we did 60+ years ago!

04/14/22 04:48 PM #96    


Daniel Hollister

2023 Reunion sounds great. Let's hope all of us remain verticle!!!!!

Dan Hollister 


04/17/22 06:10 AM #97    

Diane Belmonte (Patterson)

Bill, I am late in reading this page, but would like to contribute to your fund.  I may also be able to make the Reunion next year.  Diane Belmonte Patterson

08/11/22 10:16 AM #98    


Bruce Sharer

Can anyone here provide me with information about Jerry Piepenbrock? He was a good friend in Lake Bluff. I heard that he and his dad died in a car accident years ago. He was gone when I started to reconnect with LFHS friends. Anyone know what he did after high school? College? What year did he pass? Another thing I remember about Jerry other than his  eight inch TV in his room was the incredible chemistry set he had in his basement. Thanks for any information.  --Bruce

01/30/23 09:05 PM #99    


Bill Harrison (Harrison)

Fellow Classmates, LFHS Class of ’61,

Bob White here. For several years prior to Covid, there had been suggestions on our class website that we should have a 60th reunion. Unfortunately, 2061 has come and gone.

The idea came up again after Covid settled down. And encouraged by several comments that "we really should do something while most of us are still vertical,” (Thanks, Horace!), a few of us decided to get together and begin the process of setting up a “60th” reunion, even if it is two years late.

Bill Harrison, Fred Jackson, and I have put together a rough plan that we would like to share with you to gage interest.

 We are thinking of:

 • in Lake Forest, sometime late this summer or early fall

• not be tied to the 4th of July, Lake Forest Day, or Homecoming. 

• cocktails and dinner, probably at the amazing Lake Forest-Lake Bluff History Center. Check it out at

• recognition of those who are no longer with us 

• a “free” day with several activities to pick from or to simply do something on your own.

   Ideas so far are:

            • a tour of the high school

• golf at Deerpath Golf Course

• miniature golf at the new Deerpath Miniature Golf Course

• a “closing” get together before we all head back home.

But before we go any further, we need to gage the interest of our fellow classmates. In other words, would you plan to attend a “60th” reunion based on the above information?

Reply to Bob White with your answer ASAP. His Email is:

NOTE: If you have already responded to Bob's email, please disregard.

09/11/23 12:33 PM #100    


Kris Shoulberg (Brown)

Hi all! As I sit here going through my daily ritual of checking my email and Facebook accounts, it occurs to me that we should maybe  have our own Facebook "page!" Wouldn't that be a simple and fun way for us to stay in touch? Interested? Yes? No?

Cheers! Kris

09/12/23 09:25 AM #101    


Bill Harrison (Harrison)

Kris, that's up to you. Personally, I am moving away from FB. Was taking too much of my time. Good luck!

09/12/23 01:54 PM #102    


Susan Leonowitz (Adams)


Hi Kris--I wonder how many people would do Facebook since so many don't even send a birthday wish or respond to wishes sent to them. All it takes is a minute! I wouldn't want to have Bill put in even more effort than he puts in now.






09/12/23 06:04 PM #103    


Bruce Sharer

FB works for me, Kris.

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