Above: Making butter at Halsey! ca 1949-1950

Below: Your 50th reunion committe...

(Pictured l to r: top - - Dan Hollister, Mary Maxwell Thomas, Ray  
Fitzgerald, Marilyn Elya Schave, Paul Finch; bottom - - Kris  
Shoulberg Brown, Michele Holland Wilson, Lyn Hansen Fitzgerald).
Not pictured: Bill Harrison.

(Above) Halsey School 1949 - 1950 1st Grade - How Many Can You IdentifY? Well, Suzie Moore did great:

Back row: Mrs. Laing-Jackie ? – Dawn McLaughlin – Bill Harrison – Deborah Van – Horace Cathcart – Michelle Holland - Teddy Lindsey - Sandra Williams

Middle row: Susie Moore – Peter MacKeller – Lucy ? – Mike Rhodes – Linda ? – Christopher Klanke – Ann Hall 

Front row: Judy Stevens – Sue Fiore – Carl Roderwald – Donna Casselberry – Ton Brebner – Eileen Janowitz, Malcolm Young.


(Above) Deerpath School. 6th Grade 1954 - How Many Can You Identify.


 (Above) Halsey School 1947 - 1948 Jr. Kindergarden


(Above) Halsey School 1948 - 1949 Sr. Kindergarden


(Above) Halsey School Grade One (other class)


(Above) Halsey School Grade Two


(Above) Halsey School Grade 3

(Above) Gorton School, 4th Grade 1952

(Above) Gorton School, 5th Grade 1953

(Above) Gorton School, 6th Grade 1954 (Miss Turner, the opera singer!)

Lake Bluff 8th Grade Graduation

(Above) Lake Bluff Graduation Class, 8th Grade

College Freshman

(Above) New HS Frosh

 45th Reunion at Market Square - August 2006