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Hello Classmates!

Below is a list of those who plan on attending  the 56th Mini Meet on Lake Forest Day, 2017. (Updated daily)

Susan Leonowitz Adams*
Peter Langer (unconfirmed)
Diane Belmonte (Patterson) (unconfirmed)
Mary Dettenmayer (Felton) (unconformed)

Margy Wessman and Jerry (Vauk)*

Marilyn (Elya) and Dave Schave*

DeForest Davis*

Robert Weisenbach*

Tom Johnston*

Bob and Barb White*

Arthur Buckley*

Sonja-Lou Bark Stunard*

George Christensen*

Richard 'Boots' Niebauer*

Peggy Ezell*

Paul FInch*

Dan & Geri Hollister*

* Confirmed