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07/15/16 10:42 AM #15    


Kris Shoulberg (Brown)

Hi all! Ernie and I will be in Florida on Lake Forest Day, so I'll miss seeing any of you who meet up! Enjoy the day and hugs to all of my LFHS Class of '61 friends! Cheers! Kris (Shoulberg) Brown

07/15/16 11:54 AM #16    


Alice Hastings (Toppen)

Would love to help with a West Coast reunion. There are many of us out here---let's work on it. I'm in.

07/16/16 06:06 AM #17    

Terry Trobec

I would be interested in meeting at the Silo for an informal reunion. Terry Trobec

07/16/16 09:24 AM #18    


Steven Spaner

Regrettably, I will be in Stockholm Sweden on the 3rd visiting my brother Roger and seeing the newest addition to our family, my niece Hanna's two month old daughter Edith.

07/16/16 05:36 PM #19    


Bob White

I'll see you guys at the Silo.


07/25/16 10:15 AM #20    


Bruce Sharer

Wish I could join you at the Silo. It would be a mind blowing experience to get reacquainted with the few of you who I knew from my five years living in lake Bluff and my freshman year at LFHS. I'm guessing that most of you would not remember me. I was quiet and awkward, and didn't stand out. I was in Mr. Robien's homeroom. I was fortunate to be able to reconnect over the past few years with Robbie Patelke (before he passed), John Barr in California, and Tod Steussy in Columbus, Ohio last year.

I took some time going through the Classmate Profiles to see who I remembered from byfreshman year and time in Lake Bluff. Here is a list, but don't feel bad if my memory faild me.

Terry Ahlberg
John Barr
Barbara Bosse
Horace Cathcart
Karen Cray
Ira Cushing
Ginny Dangermond
Neal Dickenson
Tom Dunkerton
Paul Finch
Paul Frederick
Fred Gardner
Ed Holstein
Carol Leach
Bernie McGovern
Terry Rogan
Jim Schwechel
Tod Steussy
Ruth Thorne-Thomsen
Larry Trezise
Terry Trobec
Bob Tucker
Robert Weisenbach
Jenny Werhane
Bob White
Louise Wolverton

And those who are no longer with us:

Dennis Boggs
Tom Brunet
Dennis Conley
Paul Kristulovich
Randy Kwiatt
Nellie Mink
Robbie patelke
Jerry Piepenbrock
Chuck Requa
Ed Risty
Steve Ritter
Sharon Tjaden

I hope you all have a wonderful time next month at the reunion. I will try to make the next one.

Best Regards, Bruce

08/06/16 09:14 AM #21    


Bill Harrison

08/06/16 09:17 PM #22    

Jennie Werhane (Schrage)

Hey classmates!

Seeing the video is a poor second to actually BEING there but that's my problem.  Wish I could have made it.  Thanks once again Bill for you work with the website.  I love staying connected with all you guys.  Jennie (Werhane) Schrage



08/07/16 01:34 PM #23    

Mary Dettenmayer (Felton)

Thanks for posting the photos and video. It's on my calendar for next year, so we'll see how it goes. you guys all rock!  Mary D

08/07/16 09:48 PM #24    

Sandy McDermand (Grimmer)

Great to "see" you all.  Maybe next year.  As a former equestrian, I am trying to watch as much of the Olympics as possible.  "Go Team ".  Sandy 

08/07/16 11:48 PM #25    

Diane Belmonte (Patterson)

OMG   I love it.   I WILL BE THERE NEXT YEAR.  I  will take my own video to cherish.    MISS MY CLASSMATES!!!!!!!!   We had a WONDERFUL class.   LOVE   Diane



08/08/16 09:54 AM #26    


Peter Langer


August 2, 2017 is on my calendar. The advance notice gives plenty of time to plan for the event.

08/08/16 10:51 AM #27    


Kris Shoulberg (Brown)

Great video, Cuz! Sorry I missed the fun get-together! Cheers!

08/10/16 09:24 PM #28    


Steven Spaner

Confirm Peter's response:  August 2, 2017 is now on my calendar.  Sorry to have missed 2016 mini-reunion.  Swedish family took priority.  Steve

07/02/17 11:39 AM #29    


Bob White

Barb and I will be there on the 2nd.

07/03/17 01:53 PM #30    

Terry Trobec

I  hope to be at the Silo to see all on 8/2/17 at 3 PM.

07/04/17 07:25 AM #31    


Mary Maxwell (Thomas)

Hi All! Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend due to a prior commitment. I will be in Toronto that week attending a  meeting of the National Bar Association. Sorry! Have a great time and I'll look forward to hearing everything at our next luncheon! 


07/04/17 10:00 AM #32    


Kris Shoulberg (Brown)

Hi Classmates! Unfortunately I will not be able to join you at the Silo. We live in Sarasota, Florida full-time now and won't be coming up to LF this summer. I'll be thinking about you! Cheers to the LFHS Class of 1961! Have fun!

07/04/17 07:01 PM #33    

Margie Hancox (Kountzman)


Hi All,

Often we are in Midwest during gor a bit in the summer, but not this year.  Alas! You all

Look great. It's so much fun to see the real yous.  Remain in Pasadena for now.


07/05/17 12:49 PM #34    

Virginia Dangremond (Houghtaling)

Will not be in area then. Hope you all have a great time. Ginny

08/10/17 06:44 PM #35    


Bruce Sharer

Great photos of the 2017 reunion. Some day I would like to attend. My hesitation is not knowing folks there or them not remembering me since I only attended my freshman year at LFHS. I did go to Lake Bluff schools fro 5th through 8th grade. I recognized Bob White, Terry Trobec and Paul Finch from the photos. Last year I met up with Tod Stuessy in Columbus Ohio. Folks who I would live to see are: Viclie Carnerry - big crush; Keith Moldenhauer; Tom Dunkerton; Fred Gardner; Jim Roberts; Karen Cray; Larry Trezise; Jim Schweckle; Bernie McGovern; Louise Wolverton; Ginny Dangermond; Eddie Holstein; Robert Weisenbach; Ruthy Thorne-Thomson - cute; Terry Eiserman; Paul Frederick; Ira Cushing; John Barr; Neal Dickenson; Horace Cathcart;Bob Tucker. Not that I wouldn't want to see the rest, it is just that these are the kids I remember mostly from Lake Bluff. Unfortunately there are quite a few who we will never see again on earth. I should let you know that I was in Mr. O'Dair's homeroom. Best wishes to all Scouts.

03/24/18 02:11 PM #36    

Eileen Janowitz (Ward)



Hi Westcoasters!

Let's see how many of us would like to hold a reunion for our LFHS classmates - if there is interest, I would be happy to help coordinate it.



03/25/18 04:03 PM #37    

Sandy McDermand (Grimmer)


Hi West coast Scouts , I would love a reunion.  Sandy McDermand Grimmer in Pacific Grove, Monterey Peninsula 





04/26/18 10:29 AM #38    


Steven Spaner

Did any of the local, i.e. Chicago area, Alums know anout this guy?  I suspect any LB resisdents' children would know about him.

10/01/18 05:04 PM #39    


Bruce Sharer

Hello All,

Did Joey Terhune who was in the lake Bluff school system ever attend LFHS? Does anyone remember him or know his contact information? Thanks.  --Bruce Sharer

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